Our Mission

Cornwall Arts Collective has three main objectives -  to support the arts, promote artists,

and enhance life through art.

We aim to raise awareness of the many talented, creative individuals in and around the Cornwall, NY area through public exhibitions, group projects, demonstration and speaking opportunities, while providing a network of support for all members.

Arts education is important to us as well and we intend to help support and promote art, music and drama within the Cornwall Central School District. We also want to provide arts education to the community at large with lectures, lessons and fun creative projects for members and non-members alike.


The group welcomes creatives of all kinds, from budding artists to seasoned professionals. One needn't be a resident of Cornwall, NY either - the only requirement is a love and support for the arts!

A yearly membership costs $25 per person or business.


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A yearly High School Student membership costs $10.


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Membership benefits include your name and/or business, along with contact information, listed in the website’s “Members Directory.” Also, members will not have to pay registration fees for events organized by Cornwall Arts Collective.

***Additional benefits are still being worked out at this time***

Membership dues help to pay the collective’s operating expenses, which include website hosting and maintenance, promotional material and any other (inevitable) costs. As this is a non-profit group, all funding is used solely for the work being done by Cornwall Arts Collective.

Donations & Sponsorship

We welcome and greatly appreciate donations of any amount from individuals, businesses and other groups. Donors will be publicly listed and thanked in the “Supporters” section of our website.

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Sponsorship opportunities will be available depending on the type of project or event being organized.

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