imperfection perfected

Recycled copper and barbed wire, 33"x21"

For Sale: $300


Recycled copper and cedar, 40"x24.5"

For Sale: $550


Recycled copper over recycled plywood, 28"x32"

For Sale: $275

The copper used in the pieces came from old roofs in the Hudson Valley area, which I worked on in the 70’s and 80’s. When you strip a roof, you do it the fastest way possible, which explains the holes, dents and rumpled appearance. Other than the wings of the pig, no paint was used. The variations in color comes from acid, household cleaners and a blow torch set at varying temperatures. The inspiration for each work comes from the shapes and sizes of the scrap pieces. On one piece, I ran out of copper and substituted rusty screen. There are no rules.

Artist Michael Tiernan


All pieces available for sale, contact artist directly for purchase.